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 Application, Nevea

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PostSubject: Application, Nevea   Application, Nevea I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 07, 2010 12:35 am

Your Characters Name:

Your Characters Gender:

Your Characters Age:
Mid 20's

Your Characters race:

Your Personal Roleplay Experience:
I have been roleplaying about 12 years on and off. I have been roleplaying online for I think 5 years. My previous mmo experience is mainly SWG prior to this, I also dabble in star trek online but I dont play that often. I initially played on the US client of AoC but moved here about 2 months ago because there is no longer any real roleplay on the US servers. I am currently in a guild on AoC with my only character on the EU client (nevea) but I am looking to move on because I have not experienced any roleplay with that guild, I was in a guild prior to this and left for the same reason. I am looking for a guild that does actively roleplay. I ran a guild in the US client of AoC for about 9 months, which I disbanded a couple of months prior to moving to the EU client due to the dramatic drop off in roleplayers on the US client.


Where did you hear about the House of the Rose?:
global channel guild script

What appeals to you the most about the guild?:
advertised as heavy roleplay

What position do you see your Character in the House of the Rose?
I dont consider neava as a prostitute as such, she will have slept with people for money in the past but is not her occupation. She is a scout and tracker first, which are skills that dont serve her in civilised areas, when in a civilised area she is a cutpurse, spy or whatever task she can get for a few coins in her pocket.


What dates/times do you play?:
I play almost every day, evenings mostly.

What day would be best to play your House of the Rose Character?:
As I only have 1 character and 1 alt I cant motivate myself to move out of tortage yet I will be using Nevea whenever I play.
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Application, Nevea Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application, Nevea   Application, Nevea I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 07, 2010 11:02 pm

Accepted! Welcome to the House.
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Application, Nevea
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