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 Application: Xantaos

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PostSubject: Application: Xantaos   Application: Xantaos I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 14, 2010 10:55 am

By filling in this application you declare your Out Of Character and In Character age is above 18+. Anyone found to be violating this primary rule will be removed from the guild without question.

Your Characters Name:

Your Characters Gender:

Your Characters Age:

Your (As in Player's) Date of Birth:

Your Characters Race:

Your Personal Roleplay Experience:
Spent a few years roleplaying on wow then moved onto lotro where I started up a heavy roleplaying kin(guild). all in all I would say around 2-3 years.


Where did you hear about the House of the Rose?:
The Hyrkania guild hall and also in game.

What appeals to you the most about the Guild?:
Most of all I would say its the whole skullduggery and underground business. Also its gives a chance for different kinds of roleplay, I would also have to say the maturity.

What position do you see your Character in the House of the Rose?
I would honestly say The errand boy..He can get anything thing done be it simply going and buying some vegetables or something a little bit more..discreet. Be it getting information or simply standing in the corner mopping the floor he is always ready and eager to do absolutely any task.


What dates/times do you play?:
Most days of the week but mostly evenings.

What day would be best to play your House of the Rose Character?:
Again most evenings
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Application: Xantaos
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